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My name is Giulia Fiore, and I am a certified counsellor and life coach. I have accumulated 7+ years of formal studies, and I hold several certifications, including a Bachelor’s degree in Counselling Coaching. Passionate about mental health and suicide prevention, I decided to dedicate my life to helping people deal with personal issues and set and achieve appealing goals for themselves. Furthermore, recognising that the workplace climate drastically affects individuals’ mental health, I also offer different solutions for businesses to create energising working environments.

My passion is reflected in my clients’ success stories. Committed to making a contribution to the world through my counselling and coaching, I hold myself accountable to the highest standard of practice. I do so by upholding a commitment to continued study, research, and regular self-reflection and supervision.


My 1:1 Services

Both counselling and coaching sessions offer individuals the opportunity to stop and reflect on their lives. We often go through life caught up in routines, reacting to our environments; time goes by, and we realise we haven’t lived up to our full potential. I offer different coaching and counselling services to meet my clients’ diverse needs. Whether you want to come to terms with past events, address unhealthy habits, learn effective communication skills, improve your work productivity or find a partner and build an amazing relationship, my services can help you.

Life can be so much more fulfilling when we set clear intentions and goals. Maximum growth happens when you are both challenged and supported. In studying and practising my skill for years, I am confident that together, we can design the right steps to improve your life.


My 1:1 Services

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Relationship Coaching

For men who are ready to find a partner and build an amazing relationship. Let me help you understand women’s psychology and the unspoken rules of dating.

icons_Performance Coaching
Performance Coaching

With this coaching we address all elements affecting your work performance to increase your focus, productivity, and energy levels.

icons_Life Coaching
Life Coaching

My life coaching sessions will allow you to address issues of both a professional and personal nature, creating a path to live up to your full potential.

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My counselling sessions offer a safe space for you to share and process past events that may be causing shame, anger or sadness.


Workshop & Webinars

I want to empower people to succeed, which is why I’m excited to offer workshops to not only my clients, but to those who want to take the opportunity to excel in all areas of their life, whether it be career, friendships or romantic relationships.

Every year, I run workshops on different topics including, performance, communication, relationships and mental health. I find connections tremendously valuable for both career success and mental health; therefore, I design my workshops in a way where my participants are encouraged to share their thoughts and questions with the group and interact with each other. Not only is this an incredible way for participants to learn a wide range of life-enhancing skill sets, but it’s also a great opportunity to network and make new friends.

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My Corporate Consultations

We spend about one-third of our life at work. Stress, depression, and anxiety are among the most common causes of poor work performance, absenteeism, and workplace distress. I am passionate about helping businesses create energising working environments where employees feel valued and motivated.

From team building activities and assertiveness training to mental health strategies and preventative methods to reduce distress, my degrees in public relations and counselling coaching have allowed me to understand the psychology of business, and therefore the importance of excellent communication skills and emotional regulation, identifying blind spots and implementing habits that enhance productivity.

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