Relationship Coaching

As humans, we are wired for connection, but navigating relationships of any nature can be difficult. I want to help single men find clarity in the type of relationship that they want for themselves, and develop the skills they need to obtain and maintain it. Together, we can improve your communication skills, build your self-confidence, learn how to overcome rejection, or even teach you how to better understand women.

We go through life unaware, reacting to the environment we are in and participating in unconscious actions. I will help you break that pattern! I will help you stop and gain a realistic perspective of your life right now. I will help you realise what your core values are, and what a fulfilling life looks like for YOU so that we can design the necessary steps to get you there.


Performance Coaching

There are some people in life who aim for mastery and excellence, and want to perform to their full potential. They want to be more efficient, utilising their time and energy to see improved results, but lack the skill set that will allow them to perform better. This may be due to the fact that there are obstacles to their performance that they are not aware of, or their results simply suffer because they are unable to effectively prioritise, delegate and time manage.

My role as your coach is to identify these blind spots. I am a high achiever, and I understand that for some, ‘good enough’ is sometimes not enough. We will look at your biology, psychology and relationships to establish what it is that may be halting your performance. It is not necessarily about doing more, it is about doing more of the right things in order to bring you the results that you want.


Life Coaching

Life coaching is a complete service that addresses all areas of life, including personal growth, mental and physical health, relationships, and career. Some people are extremely successful in some areas of their life, yet very unfulfilled in other areas. For instance, they might be excelling in their career but at the expense of their personal relationships and physical health.

With life coaching, we will increase your awareness and get a clear picture of the present to identify what isn’t working. Together we will uncover and address the unconscious fears and self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and set exciting goals aligned with your real values to create a path to greater fulfillment.



The line between counselling and coaching can at times be blurred. As a certified counsellor, and a professional trained in mental health, I am able to take on a more therapeutic approach to your session, instead of proposing a referral. Psychological issues I am comfortable addressing with counselling are, but are not limited to anxiety and depression, low self-esteem and confidence, stress, sexual identity concerns, relationship breakdowns and infidelity, social anxiety, life transitions and sleep disorders.

Sharing the painful events of your life, and dealing with distressing emotions such as anger, shame, and sadness, can be an overwhelming and uncomfortable process. I want to create a safe space for each of my clients, so they feel comfortable in sharing their vulnerabilities with me, and know that I will always take a supportive approach, and ultimately give them hope.


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