Every month I run workshops* on different topics such as communication, mental health, and performance. Workshops are a fantastic opportunity for you to practice your social skills, network, and make new friends. Unlike many workshops and seminars I have attended, where the content was presented, but client participation and interaction were limited, my sessions are designed in a way where participants are encouraged to interact with each other. Connections are extremely valuable for both career success and mental health, so this is why I empower my clients to expand their comfort zone and communicate with other participants.

*Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, face-to-face workshops are available to a limited number of participants. Online events are offered free of charge or for a small fee.

Benefits of participating in my workshops:

  • Meet new like-minded people
  • Network with other professionals
  • Getting to know me before scheduling a 1:1 session
  • Get your questions answered
  • Practice and improve your social skills
  • Connect with people on a deeper level
  • Learn useful information

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My 1:1 Services

Second, to my workshopping events, I also offer opportunities for one on one services with my clients for a more personalised experience. With a background in counselling and therapy, I am able to clearly understand the whole picture and therefore tend to go deeper in my analysis.

1:1 coaching and counselling allow for a level of depth and vulnerability that cannot be achieved in a group setting. Given that the sole focus is on you, I am able to read between the lines and be more mindful and intuitive to things like energy shifts, voice, words, micro-expressions, and body language. With over 7 years of studies, I specialise in relationship coaching, performance coaching, life coaching and counselling, and with that, I can address areas such as health, relationships, finances, and personal growth.


Are You A Business Owner?

I can organise workshops for your company based on your specific needs. Together, we can assess your current workplace climate and identify possible issues that might be affecting your employees’ productivity and motivation. Some of the services I offer to businesses include 1:1 coaching, workshop facilitation, and group coaching.

Having a trained professional external to the organisation can help you identify blind spots and provide a safe opportunity for your employees to share their concerns. I can offer an objective perspective during conflict mediation, and I can teach effective communication skills to avoid future misunderstandings. Workplace coaching can prove to be particularly beneficial if a business has undergone a new transition such as a downsizing or merger or if it has undertaken a restructure of management.


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