Relationship coaching, often referred to as ‘dating coaching’, is a process where I help single men find clarity around the relationship they want, and provide them with the necessary skills to obtain and maintain it. Relationships are an investment of both time and energy, so being equipped with the skills to understand women beforehand will increase the chances of creating fulfilling relationships.

Men and women think differently. I, as a woman, can give you insights about how we think. Furthermore, my extensive studies within the field of relationships will allow me to provide you with the knowledge that is applicable to women in general. Dating can be painful, but it doesn’t have to be. It can and should be fun and joyful. Confidence in a relationship, however, comes with competence, and I want you to learn the skills to say, with confidence, ‘I got this!’.

As adults in today’s world, we can technically survive working from home, having everything delivered to our door. However, surviving isn’t living, and it for sure isn’t thriving. Unfortunately, in school, we learned more about mathematics and history than we did about communication, emotional regulation, and conflict resolution. We are wired for connection, and the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life.

Toxic, unfulfilling relationships can be more destructive than loneliness. With relationship coaching, I can help you clarify your needs and wants to set your standards. We will visualise and analyse exactly what YOU want, not what society, your friends or your parents want for you. My relationship coaching is for clients of any level, from those who have social anxiety, to those clients who want to refine their social skills.

Relationship coaching is for you if:

  • You are single and would like to be in a relationship
  • You have been through a divorce or challenging breakup
  • You want to learn more about women psychology and the science of attraction
  • You want to learn the unspoken rules of dating
  • You want to explore your values
  • You want to improve your social skills
  • You want to feel confident during dates

Benefits of Relationship Coaching






Phases Of Relationship Coaching

After the expression of interest, agreement signing and first session, the relationship coaching unfolds in three phases.

Phase 1

The Present

In phase one, we will get a clear picture of the present. We will look at different areas of life, past experiences and how they might affect your future relationships.

Phase 2

The Ideal

The second phase is about clarifying your ideal partner, your ideal relationship and your ideal self in a relationship.

Phase 3

The Skills

The last phase is about skills building and logistics. How to use psychology to your advantage; here we work on communication skills and logistics such as where to meet people, messaging and following up, etc.

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