Workplace Coaching

Depression, stress and anxiety are some of the most common causes of absenteeism, distress, poor work performance and toxicity in the workplace. I help businesses create a productive and energising working environment by tailoring solutions to meet the needs of the organisation.

The activities that are chosen for your sessions are dependent upon the issue you identify in your workplace; these activities can include but are not limited to team-building exercises, assertiveness training, suicide prevention and mental health strategy discussions. My aim with these activities is to increase employee engagement, boost motivation and, therefore, productivity, reduce absenteeism and improve employee retention in your organisation. Workplace coaching can be particularly beneficial if a business has undertaken a restructure of management, or undergone a new transition such as a downsize or merger.

What can I do for your business?

Organise team buildings activities
 Provide group coaching
Mediate conflict resolution
Speaking at your workplace
Run workshops on different topics
Topics for workplace coaching include:
  • Time-management
  • Effective communication
  • Mental health and self-care
  • Interpersonal Workplace Relationships
  • Sales Psychology
  • Energy and Performance Enhancement
  • Suicide Prevention and Awareness
Benefits of workplace coaching include:
  • Reduction of absenteeism
  • Increased productivity & engagement
  • Increased employee retention

* Depending on the activity and the number of participants, a certain number of coaches may be necessary, but for talks and smaller group activities, I can be the sole coach working with your employees.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is for individuals in managerial positions who want to improve their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills to produce better results in their role. Coaching can help the executive with underlying personal issues that affect performance, communication skills, emotional regulation, identification of blind spots, and implementation of habits to enhance productivity. Executive coaching is very similar to performance coaching. The only difference is that, while performance coaching is paid by the individual, executive coaching is sponsored by the company employing the executive. Therefore, when providing executive coaching, my job is to make sure that the executive’s goals are aligned with the organisation’s goals.

Typically executive coaching is delivered as a 1:1 service. However, I am open to designing a coaching strategy that fits a group of executives if the company believes that might be more effective.

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